Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Admiral's Row- an introduction

Admiral's Row, also known as Officer's Row, is located in the heart of the Brooklyn Navy Yard and currently faces a potentially imminent destruction. Former home to naval officers and their families, the Row consists of ten houses spread between six buildings. Additionally there is an old stable building, a greenhouse, tennis courts, a groundskeepers residence, and a plethora of other tiny ancillary buildings between the main houses and the orchard that used to grow out back.

Building H- historic drawing

The main buildings were all constructed between 1864 and 1901 and now stand in crumbling disuse in Fort Greene, isolated from a busy road in the historic neighborhood by an imposing fence. The Row is now facing a potential full tear-down order from the National Guard, where the gorgeous buildings would be demolished in favor of a grocery store and (more importantly)- a parking lot. Some preservationists are fighting for the historic buildings to be rehab'd, but the future of the Civil War-era buildings is far from certain. More to come.

A few views from within the crumbling grandeur of Admiral's Row:

Pre-dawn light in Quarters G

Solarium and intruding vines in Quarters G

Fallen fixture in Quarters E

Snowy attic stairs to the roof in Quarters D

A welcoming second floor doorway, Quarters E

Grand staircase between third and fourth floor, Quarters B

Top railing curve and empty alcove, Quarters G

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Richard Nickel, Jr. said...

Excellent shots, great commentary, and welcome to the Blogosphere. Now about those telepathic snails...

Nathan Kensinger said...

Great photos! The snow and ice is a nice addition to the scenery. Looking forward to seeing more of your shots in the future.