Friday, March 14, 2008

On the topic of "Eminent Domain"

While disappointed to see the flurry about New York's "Spitzer Swallows" and all the more annoyed to see "Kristen" getting so much undue attention (let us all please remember she is still naught but a pricey Jersey whore who, despite having moved from the dirty Jerz to NYC, likely didn't even know she was sleeping with its governor), I am letting myself get a little excited at the prospect of what David Paterson could bring to the table, notably in terms of his views on eminent domain which counter a lot of Spitzer's policy.

From the New York Sun article:

"If David Paterson as governor displays the opposition to eminent domain that he showed as a state senator, several high-profile development projects in New York City could be derailed or delayed, including a Columbia University expansion, the Atlantic Yards project in , and the transformation of Willets Point in Queens."
Be still my beating heart- is there a chance the Atlantic Yards project can, at the very least, be curtailed?

And let's hope the weather holds this weekend for Coney Island reopening this Sunday. I'm personally quite excited for the Band Organ Rally, on Sunday March 16 from noon to 4:30.

"Coney Island USA and the Lady Liberty Chapter of the Automated Musical Instrument Collectors' Association kick off the summer season with our annual Band Organ Rally!"

Sign me up.

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